Women Empowerment Centre

WEC is a program launched by Ekal Gramothan Foundation (EGF), In which training skill labs under its women empowerment initiative in different districts and rural area of India, were established. Each centre has 10 stitching machines and 2 Embroidery machines. Under this program, around 80-120 females are trained per year.

Reason why this project was started

  1. In India female workforce participation rate (WPR) is 31.8% which is half of male WPR of 73.2%.
  2. In many Indian states, female’s WRP is 15% or less.
  3. To skill Rural/Tribal women in tailoring
  4. To create women micro-entrepreneurs
  5. To form SGHs (Self Help Groups) within the village itself
  6. To connect rural women entrepreneurs to urban consumers
  7. To increase female WPR.

Putting people at the centre of development is much more than an intellectual exercise, it means making progress equitable and broad base enabling people to be active in change”


This step focuses on identification of objects of interest and all the stakeholders viz computer trainers, school students, unemployed youth and EGF workers in village. Extensive data is collected and analyzed by visits, first hand experiences, interaction, surveys and verification. Relevant information will be gathered to assess the situation. An end to end strategy will be chalked out next with the help of information gathered and expert consultants of the field.

  • HUMAN RESOURCES- Staff, volunteers, board members, target production.
  • PHYSICAL RESOURCES- Location, building and other resources of income.
  • FINANCIAL- Grants, funding agencies and other resources of income.
  • ACTIVITIES AND PROCESSES- Programs and interventions


In the implementation process , all the facilities and training center will be set up. The training programs related to tailoring will be implemented.


This phase includes mobilization of the student and youth and their training EGF. Trainers and coordination organizes training in different villages. The Skill Development Centre (SDC), Gramothan Resource Centre (GRC), and Integrated Village Development (IVD) started providing training in rural area.


Currently, there are ~28 Women Empowerment Centres.