Skill Development Centre

Skill Development Centre

About SDC

Skill development is critical for economic growth and social development. To enable employment ready workforce in the future, the rural youth need to be equipped with necessary skills and education. So that skilled youth can make a village self-efficient. In this project, computer training and tailoring training will be provided in order to eradicate digital illiteracy among the rural and tribal youth and to encourage women empowerment.


Women empowerment

WEC trainees are usually those females who have completed their education. And, they want to focus on their career and want to become financially independent. Tailoring training has been proven successful for rural women as they are becoming micro-entrepreneurs and trainers at the village level. Which helps in improving the ability of women to access resources and employment, higher productivity and earnings, and increases in the income, assets, expenditure, and consumption they control.

Digital literacy

CTL students, representing a diverse array of experiences and circumstances, have learnt enough that they can use their computer training knowledge in their occupation/education. Computer education is a vitally important area of the education and useful in every field of work. Trainees get the job opportunity at the village, or district level.