Integrated Village Development

Integrated Village Development

Elements of IVd

Ekal Vidyalaya

Women Empowerment

IT Lab

Arogya Resource centre

Nutrition Garden

Government liaison 

Ekal On Wheels (optional)

E-Siksha (optional)

About IVD

In order to provide holistic development of the rural villages in India, EGF has introduces a new program of Integrated village development (IVD) which focuses on uplifting and empowerment of the underprivileged sections of society through an integrated approach. It mainly focuses on women, youth and farmers and help them provide the basic education, skilled and specialized training in some specific courses and beneficial way of farming.

IVD basically covers 30 villages (1 Sanch) in 5 year duration covering the various programs, gives all these training, education and and set up these skill development centers all free for rural and tribal people.


  • Holistic education to the children hailing from rural and tribal villages on basic literacy, arithmetic, science and languages.
  • Creating awareness through health care education – Emphasis is on Sanitation, Nutrition, Personal Hygiene and Mother & Child Healthcare.
  • Providing preventive and curative health services.
  • De-addiction from alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances; Promotion of Social-Harmony; Promotion of feeling of Social and National Integration.
  • Provide Skill Training to empower youth, women and farmers.
  • Promote Sustainable Farming
  • Support micro-entrepreneurs, SHGs, FPOs by facilitating Incubation.
  • Develop Sustainable Practices for holistic growth by introducing latest techniques and equipment for soil, manure and seeds.
  • Do continuous Impact Assessment to improve processes and interventions.