Ekal on Wheel

EoW is a mobile computer training facility which has been set up inside a mobile vehicle. EoWs visit the remotest villages and skill the unreached rural and vanvasi youth. EoWs’ philosophy aligns with Swami Vivekananda’s life mission – ‘If the poor children cannot come to education, education must go to them’ and says-

In addition to providing skills, EoWs play an important in mobilization and identification of potential members of Ekal Youth Clubs in villages.

Training Highlights:

i. The van travels 3 villages per day and spends 2 hours/ village.

ii. The van operates 6 days per week.

iii. Currently the van covers about 9 villages a week and the same schedule are followed for 3 months.

iv. A village is visited 8 times (i.e 8 days or 16 hours) in a month. Hence, a village is visited 24 times (with 2hrs./ day) in 3 months.

Current State: