About Ekal Gramothan Utpad Foundation

EGUF (Ekal Gramothan Utpad Foundation) is a section 8, FSSAI registered company which was formed to connect rural and tribal producers to urban consumers. GRCs (Gramothan Resource Design) play a crucial role in this. These centers skill, train and incubate potential micro-entrepreneurs. EGUF ensures that these micro-entrepreneurs use best practices and have access to latest technology. EGUF connects these micro-entrepreneurs with market. EGUF is conceptualizing Ekal Mart and Ekal Kart to scale production and the the supply chain.


Our organic production is a holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. The principal goal of organic products is to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment. A A devoted research is done to achieve these goals. 

Ekal Green-
Organic Turmeric

EGUF has come up with organic turmeric in the name of Ekal Green as its first pilot project. During its pilot phase a total of around 17 tones organic Turmeric has been collected from the farmer groups. The raw turmeric is then dried, boiled, processed and packaged at GRC. It is then transported through its supply chain network to the nearby urban markets. The turmeric which is being procured from Jharkhand has high cur-cumin value of about 6.38% which is considered good for health and other medicinal purpose.


Based on the interaction and feedback from the farmers, it was found that the turmeric procurement from the tribal villages have helped the farmers earn for their livelihood and their daily needs. Based on the response from the farmers, the earning from turmeric has helped them in following ways:

  1. Maintenance & repair work of their house
  2. Invested on weddings of their son and daughter.
  3. Brought new equipment for farming
  4. Installed solar panel at their house
  5. Using money for tuition fees of schools for their children education


We have classified the farmers income group in 4 different slots who has been benefited from the turmeric project.

Group Income Range  
Group A Rs 30,000 – Rs 20,000  
Group B Rs 20,000 – Rs 10,000  
Group C Rs 10,000 – Rs 5,000  
Group D Below Rs 5,000