At Ekal Gramothan Foundation we pride ourselves on low administration costs and generous funding to rural India and we can only achieve this with the constant help and invaluable support of our government, partners and donors. As we continue to develop the work of the Foundation, our need for additional support grows too. 

How you can work with us?

Work with EGF to design and implement rural development projects that have measurable impact on the causes we work on and are sustainable for the long term.

Collaborate with us on service projects around the nation or help us find sustainable solutions to significant rural problems by supporting a EGF project that matches your organization’s philanthropic mission.

Help us take on a variety of service projects to increase our impact. Our service partners join us on specific projects that support our causes. Either you can support Capax of project, Opex of project or both. 

We offer sponsorship options that will help you reach our service-focused community leaders.

Customize your cause-related marketing programs to involve your consumers in EGF’s efforts. We work to establish purchase-triggered donations, point-of-sale campaigns, and other marketing campaigns of organic goods prepared by SHGs supported by us. To get started on your customized campaign, write to to get more information. 

More Information

We offer a variety of partnerships so we can make a bigger difference in the nation. Please get in touch with us for questions and advice about partnership information.