Computer Training Lab

Computer Training Lab

                                  “Bringing a transformation in rural & tribal India by Digital Education.”

About CTL

At Computer Training Lab, Training is provided for 3 months- 2 hrs/day. i.e. Total training hours are 120 hrs. Both basic and advanced computer syllabus are included in training


Digital has emerged as a powerful catalyst for effecting change, faster communication, networking and making people live in a boundary-less world. Rural areas do not have complete access to technology yet. Inaccessibility to digital education means little access to information and, thus, opportunities. They can gather all extensive information about anything and achieve employment if we inject digital era into their lives. Digital literacy would have direct impact on people’s per capita income. It will provide an opportunity to rural people to educate, getting employed, get access to best health services, selling their goods and services and become financially stable.


The CTL (Computer Training Lab) has been identified keeping in view of the employment, empowerment and entrepreneurship development at village or community level to the unemployed youths and their overall socio-economic development. The Ekal Computer Training Centres have been a big boon to the population of rural areas.


The program has developed a new hope among the unemployed youth in the villages to search and apply for the new opportunities at village and near by villages. The program not only trained the youth but also brought digital awareness in their family realizing the needs of being digitised. With only a little input in this segment yielded great outputs. It will have manifestations in the mission to eradicate the poverty too.