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“In India, the scope of development is not narrow but very wide, as it includes not just the economic development but the growth on social front, quality of life, empowerment, women and child development, education and awareness of its citizens. According to 2011 Census 68.84% of population lives in villages. The backwardness of the rural sector would be a major impediment to the overall progress of the economy. The task of development is so huge and complicated that just implementing government plans is not sufficient to fix the problem. To achieve this goal, a holistic vision and collaborative efforts involving various departments and agencies are required.” 

Owing to such a great need, Ekal Gramothan Foundation (EGF) was founded under the aegis of Ekal Movement. With active interventions in more than 85k+ rural villages, Ekal Movement is one of the largest organization in the world, working to empower the underprivileged. It mobilizes financial resources; helps in up-gradation of skills of rural youths for self-employment opportunities; facilitates the formation of self-help groups (SGHs) and micro-finance; ensures protection of women and children’s rights and, makes available technologies in a simpler form to the rural poor.

Ekal Gramothan Foundation is a non-profit organization which runs programs for rural development with the support of Indian Government, CSRs, Overseas Companies and Individuals. Its objective is to strengthen social and economic condition of rural and tribal population.

Our vision is to covers two different but interrelated dimensions of rural development: Economic dimension and Social dimension. Economic dimension encompasses providing both capacity and opportunities for the poor and low-income households in particular, benefit from the economic growth. Social dimension supports social development of poor and low-income households, promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment and provides social safety nets for vulnerable groups. Our mission is to achieve growth in both dimensions.



To Maximize our impact and raise vital funds supporting front line rural empowerment projects which help secure a future for villagers.

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